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Welcome to Hewett Tire & Auto Center, a Full Service Facility.

We have a variety of products and services that are instrumental to the health of your car. Our friendly service staff will quickly outfit your vehicle with the high quality tire that is right for you. We offer mounting, balancing, and service on wheels up to and including 12-24 inches. Also, check out our tire showcase to give your vehicle the perfect fit. If you don’t see the right tire model, call or stop in to see what we can do for you.

We have been in business for over 20 years, is family owned, operated locally and employs certified technicians. We consistently upgrade equipment staying ahead of technological advances. We strive to offer AAA members and non-members service that is second to none. We provide a full range of auto repair services and are committed to offer the best parts and products, at the best prices with unparalleled service”. We service both gasoline and diesel engines, commercial and personal vehicles.

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Our Tire Brands Include:

Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Uniroyal®, Bridgestone, Firestone, Cooper, Hankook, Falken and Kumho.

We Proudly Serve the Panama City, FL Area!



At Hewett Tire & Auto Center, you'll find tires and more from proven brands, including Michelin®, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and other leading industry names. Conveniently located in Panama City, Florida, Hewett Tire & Auto Center offers valuable services such as brakes, alignments, and oil changes to get your car, truck, minivan, or SUV back on the road. Give us a call at (850) 769-7323 or drop us an email at info@hewetttire.com; we will get back to you promptly. Thousands of satisfied customers from the surrounding areas of Lynn Haven, Callaway, Fort Walton Beach, Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, and Destin rely on Hewett Tire & Auto Center each year.

How to Check Tread

  • When the tread is worn down to 3/32 of an inch, tires must be replaced.
  • All tires have "wear bars," which are small, raised bars of rubber in the groove that indicate when tires are worn out. If your tread is worn down to the wear bars, it's time for a new tire.
  • A penny is a reliable tool to check tire tread.
    • Take a penny and put Lincoln's head into one of the grooves of the tire tread. If part of his head is covered by the tread, you're driving with the legal amount of tread.
    • If you can see all of Lincoln's head, it's time to replace the tire.
  • Visually check your tires for signs of uneven wear. You may have irregular tread wear if there are high and low areas or unusually smooth areas. Also make sure no nails or other objects are embedded in the tire. Consult your tire dealer as soon as possible if you see problems.

Other Important Information

Practice good driving habits, which will help keep your tires in good condition.

  • Vehicles equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) can help motorists detect loss of inflation pressure. Federal regulations require TPMS to warn drivers when tires are 25% under inflated. For many vehicles this warning may be too late to prevent damage caused by under inflation. TPMS units are NOT a replacement for monthly tire pressure checks with a gauge.
  • Obey posted speed limits.
  • Always buckle your seat belt.
  • Avoid fast starts, stops, and turns.
  • Avoid potholes and other objects on the road.
  • Do not run over curbs or hit your tires against the curb when parking.
  • Do not overload your vehicle. Check your vehicle's tire information or owner's manual for the maximum recommended load for your vehicle.

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